For applicants from outside the United Kingdom

There are two types of Bursary on offer by the trustees of Symposium Mammographicum and applications are invited from members of the diagnostic team to:

A Facilitate study either by an observational or clinical attachment in a specialist Training Centre in the United Kingdom over a period of one or two weeks
B  Facilitate attendance at Symposium Mammographicum 2018 (the conference) to be held at the ACC LIverpool from 8 to 10 July 2018.

In each case applicants must be residing and working outside the United Kingdom and they may only apply for either Bursary A or B.

Bursary A is intended to contribute towards reasonable travelling expenses, accommodation, subsistence and training fees. The amount awarded depends upon the number of successful applicants in any one year and is entirely at the discretion of the trustees. Successful candidates are expected to write a report for the trustees at the completion of the course.

Bursary B is intended to cover the conference registration fee as well as provide a contribution towards overnight accommodation in a hotel for up to 3 nights and an allowance for travel. The maximum amount of the bursary will not exceed £1,650 which includes the registration fee. Successful candidates are expected to write a report for the trustees after the conference.

In both cases proof of purchase of travel tickets and confirmation of hotel or other accommodation booked will be required. In the case of Bursary A proof of training fees will also be required. In both instances the bursary will not be paid into the successful applicant’s bank account until either the course is completed or the conference has taken place. They must therefore be able to provide the necessary funds to support themselves while in the United Kingdom.


The following information is required:

  • Your qualifications
  • Where and when you qualified
  • Current post
  • A full description of the mammographic equipment used in your department
  • The number of staff practising mammography within your department
  • Relevant experience already gained
  • What specific experience you seek to gain
  • Why you are applying for this particular bursary
  • How you will use this experience on your return to your department
  • What value will this be to yourself?
  • What value will it be to your patients?
  • What value will it be to your colleagues?
  • What type or organisation is providing the service?
  • What proportion of costs have you already been able to raise from other sources?
  • Are you being sponsored by your current employer?


  • Successful applicants attending the conference must be able to speak and understand English as interpreters will not be permitted.
  • Failure to provide all the required information may be detrimental to this application.
  • Please provide a letter of endorsement from your present employer, head of department or other senior professional confirming that they support your application for a bursary.

To download the Application Form in MS Word format  click here SYMPOSIUM-MAMMOGRAPHICUM-bursary-form-Mar-17

The bursary scheme has been running now for several years which has helped clinicians from around the world to further their professional careers as well as spread best practice and clinical approach in this specialised field. The charity has supported health care professionals from Nepal to Nigeria and Australia to Jordan.  The following attachments are the stories demonstrating the experiences of some of the bursary recipients and hopefully provides an inspiration of the value of the award.


Anuma Shrestha, Nepal


Danimi Jean Bestman, Nigeria

Leesa Keast, Australia

Sonja Jovanoska, Macedonia

Daniela Baditescu, Romania

Sara Ali, Sudan

Report from Dr Danijela Soprenic and Dr Vanja Soprenic


Bursary Report Danijela Soprenic and Vanja Soprenic SM2016, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Bursary Report Sarah Dunn, Australia SM2016

Bursary Report Rashidat Bolanle, Nigeria, SM2016

Bursary Report-Alen Humackic, Clinical Attachment, Kings College, London, June 2016

Bursary Report Daniela Baditescu, Romania, SM2016